Your Dental Monitoring Experience

Orthodontic care is advancing with new technology. It is our priority to give the most advanced experience possible for our patients by using digital scans and artificial intelligence. We also know how busy life can get, which is why we’ve created virtual monintoring of treatment. By submitting your information and photos to our doctors, we can provide you with more information to see if you’re ready to switch aligners without needing to book unnecessary appointments in office. 

What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is a cutting-edge mobile app that makes it easy to improve the quality of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners for our patients. Now you can track your progress and achieve a healthy smile more conveniently without regular in-office appointments at our Lincoln Orthodontic locations.

Invisalign is a popular treatment because it is convenient and easy to use. Patients’ progress is monitored with a licensed orthodontist at an in-office appointment, but the Dental Monitoring app has introduced a new schedule-friendly alternative to traditional appointments and even traditional braces.

How it Works:

1. Patients use the app to take intraoral selfies with their smartphones.
2. Photos are then automatically sorted, cropped, organized, and stored for review.
3. Dr. Rallis and Dr. Bonilla will monitor your progress, predict the future movement of your teeth and will advise on further treatment recommendations.

Adults and teens can learn to manage their treatment wearing the Invisalign aligners effectively and efficiently. Keeping up with a custom scan schedule with the dental monitoring app allows constant monitoring of the teeth progression to help straighten teeth and improve smiles.

With the remote dental monitoring through the app, Dr. Rallis and Dr. Bonilla can now make your Invisalign treatment more convenient and hassle-free. Improving your smile can now fit into your busy schedule with the Dental Monitoring app.

By using the latest technology available, our team is here to help you achieve your best smile with teeth straightening treatment using Invisalign aligners, giving you the best orthodontic experience possible. 

Why our Patients Love Dental Monitoring

Peace of mind knowing your child is wearing their aligners.

One of the first questions we hear about using Invisalign aligners is “will my child actually wear them?” In order to keep treatment on schedule, it is important that the aligners are worn 22 hours in a day. With the Dental Monitoring App and the use of AI technology, our Doctors get immediate feedback on whether or not treatment is being followed. Our team will be able to guide and direct your child with prompts and messages all within the app on their phone.

Faster treatment times with less refinements.

As you wear each set of aligners our team will get updates each week. The best part? It requires minimal lifestyle changes and less in-office visits. With our team of doctors and clinical staff, we will have the ability to track teeth movement as they occur in real-time rather than waiting to see what movement has occurred in the normally scheduled time of 6-8 weeks. This creates a more predictable treatment with less deviation from your personalized treatment plan.

Results that make you smile.

With more predicability our Doctors can ensure that your smile is perfect. Our whole goal is to create a wonderful experience for our patients and families. We are excited to open the lines of communication as you progress through treatment. Through the app we can send direct messages as well as answer any questions that arise during treatment. We know this is going to create an experience worth celebrating, especially when your new smile is revealed!

Frequently Asked Questions

When first starting orthodontic treatment whether braces, Invsalign, or appliances, common questions will arise from time to time. Don’t see your question answered, reach out to our amazing team on the Dental Monitoring app.

When do I take my first scan?

Once you receive the email and download the link, you will be prompted to take your first scan. This is essentially a practice scan, and you will get a NO-GO for moving forward to your next aligner. You will then be notified when it is time to take your next scan (around the time you are due to move to your next aligner). 

What if I forget to scan?

You will be prompted with a notification to take your next scan. Be sure to check in with your app or allow notifications so you can stay up to date on your next treatment steps. 

What does GO/NO GO mean?

Getting a “GO” means you can move on to your next aligner set. Getting a “NO GO” means you should not move to your next aligner. You will receive follow up information with next steps. This could include staying in your current aligners or coming in for your next appointment. 


Will I still come into the office?

Yes! The Scan Box allows us to monitor the progress of your treatment more accurately so we know when an appointment is actually needed rather than using the general format of every 6-8 weeks. We will let you know when we need to see you in person. 

When is my next appointment with the doctor?

The GREAT part of this technology is that your teeth will be reviewed by the doctors weekly when you scan. We will be monitoring your progress closer than ever. Your next in-office appointment will be scheduled on an as-needed basis, depending on what we see in your weekly scans.

Why is there a deposit charge for the scan box?

We are so excited to offer Dental Monitoring free of charge for our patients! To be able to continue to do so, we are asking that the scan boxes be returned at the end of your treatment. There will be a $50 deposit placed on your account, after treatment is complete and the scan box is returned to our office, your deposit will be refunded. 


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