The iTero is a high-tech 3D scanner which creates a 3D model of your mouth. You can view the model of your own teeth right as your assistant is taking your scan – how cool!

The iTero can be used to create a simulation of what your smile will look like before, during and after Invisalign treatment. This gives you an opportunity to see what your new smile will look like before committing to treatment!

An Advance Orthodontic Solution
 iTero takes the place of outdated, goopy impressions, which can be uncomfortable. The scan is painless and very quick – it only takes a couple minutes!
In addition to taking scans before treatment, we use the iTero to take final scans in order to make your retainers. You will then be sent home with a 3D model of your teeth, and this model can be used in the future for efficiently making new retainers if you lose or break yours!
Here at Rallis & Bonilla Orthodontics, we have three iTero scanners in order to efficiently serve our patients. Come in and see what your smile could look like after treatment!

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